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Growing on the road to greatness.

2018 was by far the most interesting year for growth and development both personally and professionally.

To give you a quick snap shot of this year … Here is how I powered through 2018.

Late 2017– Finished my apprenticeship having accumulated more dept than I care to share and decided to finally start my own business.

Early 2018– Learning that bills do not pay themselves, the importance of sample products, and having the right stock of supplies and tools to get the work done efficiently and professionally.

Mid 2018- Cash flow issues! What the heck, how did this happen. Supplies are running low and fabric is getting expensive…

Late 2018– Money is coming in but how do I separate the needs from wants. Sample products are being produced but are also becoming expensive.

Moving forward into 2019- My major hurdle for the coming year is all about trying to find a space to work out of where the company can be accessible to everyday foot traffic and get away from strictly being appointment-based with customers.

The biggest jolt of the year was learning the importance of cash flow. When I started my business I had a decent stock of supplies that I needed to create clothing. As clothing began to sell, my focus shifted from knowing what I had to just working on finishing orders to bring money into the company.

Coming into the holiday season (holidays usually the slower time of the year) I have had time to take stock of what I have and what I need. Realizing that I have run out of most things and taking into account the cash available, the struggle becomes prioritizing needs and wants and establishing what “needs” will bring in the most money, knowing that I cannot purchase everything all at once.

Coming into the new year I know I have to spend money on sample products. I am finding that samples are extremely helpful in selling product, as the customer has more to go on than just an illustration or an image. Having walked away from an established shop and the luxury of finished product lying around to show clients, my focus coming into the new year will be to have finished work to present to perspective clients.

I do have big things planned for 2019! With the company turning two years old come February I want to launch a couple promotions and spend more time investing and donating to galas and auctions to build brand awareness.

But we will see how that unfolds in the new year.

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