Shop Talk

I have come a long way from my apprenticeship back in 2012, and I look forward to the next gradual step in my career. Having spent 5 years apprenticing and learning the art of suit making, and another two years building a business out of my house, Calvin Butts Bespoke is now moving forward into a shop space.

I look forward to a personal space where I can entertain clients and give an elevated level of service, from creating and altering clothing to providing a service of pressing and refreshing clothes for clients.

For the last two years my business has been built on appointments and bookings, and I am excited to have a spot where they can now just pop in to drop off work or look at new fabrics.

It took a while to find a space I could be happy with. The downturn in Calgary and the current tax situation with small business has had a lasting impression on me, to the point where I did not want to commit to the long term leases and outrageous leasing costs.

This space has been a long time coming and I look forward to see where it can take me going into 2020.