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God love the Europeans, so blunt, so on point. I had a rough week getting myself motivated to work on projects and meet deadlines. Lucky for me I work with a Ukrainian woman who very calmly and harshly told me to "shut up and just do the work". She was probably sick of listening to me complain and mope around the shop for the week, and by week I mean the two days of the week she actually works... It was just the sort of talking to I needed though.

I laughed at myself internally later on because in my head I was thinking, "How dare you! You can't not talk to me like that. You don't even know me, YOU DON'T KNOW ME" (even though I have worked with her for years) haha. It wasn't until a couple days after her very "motivational" speech I realized that my generation as a whole really needs to change the way we speak to each other. We are so familiar with "comforting" people with our perspectives and viewpoints but if we just adjusted our tone to be more supportive in a  "shut up and stop complaining" sort of way it could really healthy for us as a whole.

So to answer the big question... Yes, lots of work got done following our talk. I have the type of personality that thrives off of people’s harsh words. I take offense at first but that quickly dissipates and is replaced with motivation, or perhaps it is less motivation and more "look at me, I can do this you JERK". 

Either way the energy is there and the work gets done, so the middle part doesn't really matter.... :)

What are good friends for anyway?

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