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The Call

I figure we should start from the beginning, right from the phone call that lead me to where I am today. It was originally planned that I would go abroad and study design in Paris, France. I had been accepted to study at the oldest and one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. Enrolled in the advanced program in July, I was to attend school in October. All the arrangements had been made and everything was ready to go. It wasn't until the bank turned down my loan at the last minute that caused everything to spiral out of control. Naturally, I did what most people of my generation would do! I decided that because I was so angry I was going to blow all the money I had saved on material things. These things will vary on the person, but for me it was good quality clothing.

…Enter the tailor

After spending sometime choosing fabric and talking to the owners I left what I now consider "home" and went my merry way. As luck would have it I received a phone call the next day at work from the tailor, and in his broken Italian accent he had asked me if I would be interested in coming in and working under him to learn the craft of bespoke tailoring.

Given his reputation in town I would have been a fool to have turned him down. It is not everyday that a person gets an offer to learn under a third generation master tailor. I showed up at his shop later that week to work out the details, and soon after I began working out of his shop a couple days a week learning bits and pieces of a trade that is slowly being lost.

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