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The "Casentino"

With the swift arrival of cool weather in the evenings fall is quickly creeping up on us, and what better way to celebrate the change in seasons than with a new fall jacket.

Let me introduce you to "Casentino" wool!

Popularized by Italian men and more commonly seen and worn in Florence but appreciated around the world, Casentino's distinctive look comes from little nubs that fray off from the fabric's surface. The effect looks like pilling, but is intentional. The process of this effect makes this wool warmer and more durable.

In the Middle Ages, Tuscan monks wore robes out of casentino wool. The House of Savoy, which conquered Italy towards the end of the 19th century, elevated the cloth to royal status by using a bright orange variety as a decorative and warming cloth for their most prized possessions, their horses. This bright orange color became the typical color of casentino when soon after Florentine men began using it for overcoats, usually double-breasted.

From natural whites and browns to vibrant blues, reds, oranges and greens this wool is absolutely a statement piece. Worn in a more casual deconstructed way to allude a casual but well tailored lifestyle and look.

With clothing and attire moving towards a causal and an easier lifestyle this fabric is the perfect addition to an already developed wardrobe, which is why this fall Calvin Butts Bespoke is carrying the whole range of colours. This range allows you to add the perfect fall jacket to any wardrobe.

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