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The Secret Perks of Flannel

My business is centred around professional business wear, so it's typical for me to be dressed up in some form or another. Casual clothing is not a big part of my wardrobe. The idea of throwing on a pair of jeans or chinos or even yoga pants when I go out in public always seems odd or unacceptable (except of course when I am working out).

And then something happened...

I was recently gifted a pair of pants made from a light flannel wool and it was as if my whole perspective on flannel changed indefinitely. Over the last three months I have been experimenting with mixing and match these pants with pieces in my wardrobe and I have realized 6 major things for why a light weight flannel pant can replace a cotton chino or even a pair of jeans.

It has bounce

Wool naturally has some stretch and a good bounce back when it is pressed with an iron. One of the the great properties of wool is that with heat and a good press it will look fresh for a long period of time vs. a cotton that is less likely to hold its shape as much, or jeans that are quick to sag all over.

Liquid resistant

Unlike cotton, liquid can be easily wiped off of wool. This is because of the oils in the wool. So a wool pant will be less likely to stain or get wet over a cotton pant.


Flannel pants can be very easily dressed up or worn really relaxed. By throwing on a short sleeve dress shirt, a light weight sweater or even a fresh t-shirt and a good pair of flannel pants will take you into any environment with confidence. Easy to pair with a single breasted or double breasted jacket, light weight flannel pants can easily transition your look into a more formal setting with ease.

It is super soft

Better than a pair of cotton pants and even a pair of jeans, flannel is soft on the skin and easy to wear. If the pants are cut properly a good flannel pant is almost as comfortable as a yoga pant (in my opinion).


If color is your jam, flannel won’t disappoint. A tailor can show you every shade in every color and cut a pant that fits your entire body. No more fussing over Pants that are too short, too tight in the seat or uncomfortable in the waist.


The warmth was always my biggest hiccup when I use to talk to others about flannel. For the longest time I always assumed all flannel was absurdly warm. Turns out that a light weight flannel is comfortably cool in the spring/summer, because of its properties flannel also keeps you warm come the evening. Nights (certainly in Calgary, Canada) can get cool, and the great thing about the flannel is that it will keep you comfortably warm when a cool evening approaches.

So for the man looking to expand their wardrobe in a new and interesting way I would suggest giving flannel a chance. Experiment with the idea of bold colors and playing around with blazers to dress up the look. I can tell you that the versatility in your wardrobe will grow immensely.

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