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The “Zoom” Wardrobe

As we all adjust into a different work environment from the office to the home, and the expanding normality of video conferencing on zoom and Microsoft teams, I hear about how many people are struggling with what to wear at home while still being appropriate for face to face video calls. We all want to be comfortable while we work but how do we balance between comfort and professionalism.

Is it all business on top and pajama party on the bottom? Is dressing up in the morning still a routine and habit? Or have you just given up completely?

I am happy to say that a happy middle does indeed exist. Their is something to be said about getting up and putting in an effort to get dressed for work. The mental shift from casual lounge clothing to work clothing can be the difference between a really productive work day and a workday and a day that you struggle to get through.

Comfort is key when you work from home, and slight adjustments in a work wardrobe can allow you to feel dressed up and appropriate enough for video conference calls. The advice I give to most men who are looking to expand to their wardrobe is to add short sleeve dress shirts into the mix. Although linen shirts may be to casual, a nice light cotton short sleeve shirt that you can button up will keep you cool in warmer summer weather or warmer homes with less air circulation.

When it comes to trousers many mills are playing around with tech fabrics to still give you a quality feel and drape but they also have a built in stretch for added comfort. For those who do not like the idea of wearing a traditional trouser at home to work in, cotton is a great alternative.

As a whole we will see menswear evolve to accommodate a more relaxed environment however the idea of a crisp white dress shirt and a well tailored suit will not disappear. We may even see A flip in thinking, people could end up dressing up on the weekends more often to go out because they do not get the opportunity to dress up during the week.

The great thing about being a custom clothier is that the options are almost endless when it comes to crafting dress shirts and casual trousers for work. You are not as limited for colors and cuts as you would be from buying online or in store.

Food for thought I suppose.


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