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What's going on with me you ask?!? Well devoted readers let me catch you up on my life working as a tailor.

I have been location hunting over the last couple weeks. So far nothing overly exciting has been found but I am in no rush, location is crucial to a business' success, so time I will take.  I have spent a copious amount of time on Pinterest (more than I want to admit) piecing together looks for the interior. I pretty much have the interior nailed down, both in look and feel.

I was talking to a customer the other day that wanted to know more about my shop and how he could get involved in working and learning with me. I thought it was very flattering, another person showing interest in tailoring.

I have to admit I haven't given that part of my business that much thought. My focus has been on finding funding and lining up the right people to get me where I need to be by the end of the year. I believe the count down has hit seven months till "store opening".

Looking at the numbers and figures I have given the MTM option more thought to lure in more potential clients, offering bespoke and MTM... From that thought I have come to the conclusion that I think a trip to Montreal is in order. For those who do not know, Montreal is the hub for the appeal world in Canada. Everyone has clothing produced out east. As I am slowly learning the manufacturing industry severely lacks in any sort of web presence, so a face to face introduction is necessary I think. It also gives me an opportunity to meet suppliers and people in the trade.... as Calgary isn't exactly swimming in resources or contacts for the industry.

Work is also picking up which is really exciting. The transition has been quite smooth so far to be honest. As my mentor starts to slow down I have more opportunity to work on my own projects and really focus on the detailed pressing and internal handwork required for a bespoke suit. I can not wait until I have my own shop where I feel more comfortable crafting suits. I ordered in proper materials to make button holes recently..... WOW can I tell you what a joy it is when you have the right tools to do a job properly, your work just looks cleaner all around. I have to improvise quite a bit with my mentors shop and supplies, but I am happy going forward with my own projects I have access to the right stuff. OH! AND..... I think I sourced some amazing tailoring shears! Japanese made, folded steel, balanced AND left-handed! I have ordered a ten and twelve inch so I shall keep you posted on how those turn out. My hand gets so cramped when I cut for a while with right handed shears :(

Lots of little projects to work on this coming week. I am getting a bunch of loose ends tied up and finished which feels really good. It should be a productive week. :)

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