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Client Services

Located in a store called STUFF

Unit 102, 709 11th Ave. SW

Calgary, Ab Canada

(403) 875-4403

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Client Services

Image is so important in a world full of social media posts, online presence, and business interactions. At Calvin Butts Bespoke we are happy to take time and talk to you about style and offer our advice on how to build or amplify your look.

As Calvin Butts Bespoke continues to grow we strive to offer our clients a selection of the most luxurious and premium grade products on the market. From suits, jackets and shirts to ties, belts, shoes and other accessories we are continually working to wardrobe you from head to toe. 

Decades of knowledge goes into the brand and the continual growth of knowledge, services and products make it a one stop shop for any man.


A great option for the man on the go. At Calvin Butts Bespoke we are happy to sit down with our clients and walk them through what their wardrobe could look like. We take all the hard decisions out of your hands to design you a closet full of clothing worth wearing. From a single suit or shirt to an entirely new closet we are happy to help build you clothing that fits your lifestyle.



No great tailor shop would be complete without offering premium alteration services. All alterations are done in house and to your exact specifications. Working one on one with a tailor to get you exactly what you want out of your garments.


Bespoke or Made to Measure clothing

Trained under a third generation Italian tailor Calvin Butts Bespoke is able to offer Bespoke or Made to Measure options for your clothing needs. With all Bespoke and Made to Measure Calvin Butts Bespoke offers it all in house, creating unique one of a kind pieces.


Styling advise and Accessories

As Calvin Butts Bespoke continues to expand into a full brand offering services to build you a wardrobe from top to bottom we are happy to sit down and talk about styling options and ways you can grow your personal style and offer you a direction to grow into.

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