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Bespoke & Made to Measure 


"The art of fine tailoring is a tradition borne out of dedication to craft and beauty, passed down through generations. Tailoring is a cultural legacy, passed from master to apprentice through families and communities in a continuous process. "

No Gentleman is built the same. Every man lives a different lifestyle, has a different personal fit and preference about comfort and style. Our tailor will get to know you so he can best guide you through the joy of choosing every detail of your Calvin Butts Bespoke suit. Selecting every element of your garments architecture, from the fabric, to the cut, style, and silhouette, to the buttons, lapel, and lining, allowing the tailor to advice you and bring the fabric to life with all the subtle and unseen details that make your clothing unmistakably yours.


There’s nothing like wearing a suit that’s been cut to fit your exact measurements. Tailor-made is the ultimate luxury, and something every gentleman should invest in. Keeping the spirit of Savile Row alive but with the modern, urban, jetsetting gentleman in mind.

Our Bespoke service offers an exclusive, discrete experience around expert craftsmanship tailored to your individual requirements. We create unique pieces, just for you, executed with the utmost precision and detail, making sure you are covered in all occasions and requirements; from overcoating cloths to lightweight suitings, jacketings and formalwear. 




The Made-to-Measure Tailoring Process


The first consultation is straightforward and can be split into 3 parts; selecting the cloth, taking measurements and choosing the details. It is a simple process but does involve many key decisions. Your exclusive experience begins with a first appointment with your personal tailor, who will walk you through every step of the garment’s creation. The tailor will then take your measurements to create a unique pattern adapted to your body. Once your preferred design features are set, he will create a customized blueprint for the fabric cutting. 

The Measurements

Crafting a garment from scratch is a unique process that takes into consideration all aspects of your body type, from the way you carry weight to the formation of your muscles down to how you stand and hold yourself upright. 

The Cloth

Selecting a cloth from some of the best mills in the world, luxury is quite literally at your fingertips, offering only the best. Options range from super fine wools and soft flannels to breezy seersucker fabrics for summer suiting and heavier weight flannels, evening wear and velvet for winter.

The Details

Last but by no means least is to choose the details that makes the suit truly personal to you. Options include lapel style and width; lining colour; belt loops, side adjusters or brace buttons; trouser turn-ups (cuffs) or a plain finish; type of pockets; ticket pocket or none; button style and many more.



The Final Fitting 

Depending on the clients calendar 5 – 8 weeks later your suit will be ready for its fitting. You will try on the suit and the tailor will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the suit fits perfectly. The tailor will make the alterations needed and a week later will be ready to pick up.

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