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Business Development

I have been spending some time working on the financials for my business plan lately. I have to say I find it extremely frustrating to try and generate projected numbers for a company that currently does not physically exist yet. 

I think the biggest frustration is finding help that is able to help. What if it becomes too much to handle? Who is there to help out, and are they actually able to help? I recently finished editing the topic of roles and responsibilities within my company business plan and my role as head tailor and creative director is a very large one. The role is almost too large if I am going to be honest. Now with time this role will start to move and evolve to other roles as the company grows, but who are these people? Where do they come from? And even more.... how do I pay them to keep them happy? 

I remember a conversation I had with a customer a while back about "jobs" and "careers" in Canada. The conversation revolved around the idea that "we" in Canada no longer strive towards a career. Most people just work "jobs", changing industries and moving through life without settling on a career. I think this happens more-so with the younger generation, once working in finance but now feel their life calling is to  teach yoga and not invest in shampoo because it kills rare caterpillars somewhere deep in the Amazon.

The downside with my business is the idea that tailoring is not something you just decide to do. It is a career that takes years and years to learn. Unlike the technology world of computers and gadgets, tailoring requires years of learning and growing. So where do you find people that are happy just being tailors? Where do you find people with the passion to become good tailors? As a people, we are always striving for more! More gadgets, more money, more everything, never content with "our" current life status. We are taught to want more.

Tailoring has its perks!  The work is not particularly stressful, you are not glued to a computer or phone all day, and you get to move around as you work. Now if you happen to add a decent salary to all of that, it wouldn't be such a bad gig, do what you love and make an ok living.

So the hunt is on for qualified people to help with a potentially large workflow. Who knows, perhaps I will have to train people myself, seeing as Canada is not very big on tailors and the craft at the moment.

Food for thought I suppose.

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