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Fall Essentials For Your Work Wardrobe

As the weather starts to turn from summer to fall retailers are beginning to show the first of their fall collections, so as we transition from summer to fall here are a list of four items that you should give some serious thought.

The Overcoat

With the unpredictable weather patterns in Calgary it can be hard to determine whether or not you want to leave the house with a jacket at all. Often when gentlemen ask me about fall outerwear I will suggest jackets that are half lined. A half lined jacket will be lighter and easier to carry in the late afternoon or evenings if the weather happens to stay warm, remembering that the weight of the wool also has an impact on the feel of the jacket. Heavier more dense wools are suited for a winter season rather than a fall season. If by chance you are not too keen on having multiple jackets hanging in your closet you can always look into a fall jacket that is fully lined with a heavier lining on the inside. A heavier lining on the inside of the jacket will keep you warmer longer, because the lining acts as insulation and an extra layer of protection from the elements.

The Scarf

The thing I enjoy about the fall and winter season is the ability to layer on outerwear pieces. A classic cashmere scarf not only keeps your neck warm but is also allows you to dress up your look very easily. In the fall I will often lean more toward a longer scarf, because they are more versatile to wear.


With the dry climate of Calgary and the erratic weather patterns, your skin can become dry relatively quickly, which makes gloves an essential must have piece to your fall and winter wardrobe.

The Boot

No outfit would be complete without a proper dress boot, so depending on your preference you can opt to have leather or a rubber bottom sole on your boot. I find that rubber soles often feel heavy and look more causal than leather. Irregardless, your boots should always match the color of your gloves and vice versa. Whether you choose to change your dress boots at the office to a standard dress shoe or rock the dress boot all day is completely up to you.

Equipping your closet with essential pieces for the season will do two great things for you, not only will you always look put together, polished and refined but dressing will also come more naturally allowing you to focus on the more important things happening around you.

If you happen to struggle with building a wardrobe of basics or essentials you can always book an appointment where we are happy to walk you though the process of dressing and building a wardrobe that works for you.

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