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GET READY!!! This holiday season a time for opulence, luxury and indulgence.

As we continue to navigate the new normal and it’s limits, the relaxing of rules and guidelines, coupled by the strong urge to get out of leisurewear and our pyjamas this year is THE year. For the last two years our holidays have been spent with our inner circle of family and friend, low key events that have been more casual and laid back. As we continue to see rules and guidelines loosen up this years festivities will see fashions more extravagant, outgoing and on-trend. In the retail world we have seen an upswing in dressy-casual clothing and dare I say more dressed up looks, trending away from the leisure wear that we have been used to over the last couple of years.

It should come as no surprise that this holiday season women will be wearing party dresses and heels while men dawn fancy sport jackets and bold colours. Venues have been booked and caterers are once again ramping up for a busier time.

Here are a few tips when shopping for your holiday look:

Tip #1 When it comes to men’s clothing for the holiday season try going for something a little bit more opulent. A good option is a velvet jacket in a bold colour, out of the ordinary a velvet jacket is not only eye catching but is also very tactile... people will be wanting to come up to you just to feel you... so it's not a bad option if you are going into this season single ;).

Tom Ford Collection 2017

Tip #2 A bowtie is another great option for elevating your wardrobe this holiday season. Bowties have always been seen as a quirky way to elevate your look, why not bring it out this holiday season? stand out from the crowd and be the centre of attention in the room. When it comes to your bowtie try looking for one with a different texture pattern or colour to it. If you’re going to stand out in the crowd you might as well make it worth it. I always like finding a bowtie that’s just a little bit larger than that standard bowtie to add a little more flair to the outfit.

Tip #3 If the party is a little more relaxed and intimate perhaps you experiment with sporting a more Norwegian vibe. Holiday collections this year have been trending in hard with cable knits, Norwegian designs and patterns and very warm colours. It is an approachable look that is not only festive but also fun.

Tip #4 Just have fun this holiday season! Spend it socializing and meeting new people. We have spent the last several years cooped up in our homes and bubbles that perhaps the best thing to do for yourself is to meet some new people and expand your network of friends.

Happy Holidays!!

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