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The Bronze Age

Gentlemen, fall is around the corner! New sample books are arriving in the tailor shop & the colours this fall are outrageous in the best possible way. Monochromatic looks have been on the market for a quick second, however this fall is going to be the best time to play around with layering colour on colour.

With bronze and browns being a strong colour palate this season you now have the options to play around with dark chocolate browns, mocha's, golds, bronze and creamy whites all in one look.

Nothing oozes confidence more than a man that is able to pull off a monochromatic look in brown tones. Not only is the colour brown complimentary to most skin tones but it also has the appeal of luxury and elegance. Brown colour tones have a way of fitting into almost every social scene without making you feel out of place.

With the fall season comes textures and strong tactile textiles, think suede, grained leathers, silks, cashmere and even flanneled wool. Having the ability to mix texture and a monochromatic colour scheme is an art form in itself and certainly takes time to pull together an outfit, but when you do

.... ohhh does it look sensational.

In terms of adding to your wardrobe this fall pulling in elements of current silhouettes and styles may be easier than you think. Keeping a tailored base while adding in the oversized sweaters or overcoats of the season may be one of the smartest moves you make. Think the "great coat" from the 1920's paired with a well tailored patterned dress pant, a clean fresh plain dress shirt with perhaps an oversized large knit sweater for layering, all in one complimentary colour colour scheme.

Something to think about as we transition into fall.


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