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Success! I have learnt how to use instagram and twitter and the best part is that instagram now gives you stats on male/female followers and age groups for each. It is very interesting and will come in handy when tracking my followers. I took time in mid august to put together a time line for posting on social media. I am finding that more people are becoming interested on instagram, taking advantage of the follow and like functions. I am still learning a little bit about twitter, however I do not completely grasp the concept. It seems like a redundant program to use but I will continue to use it and learn. I have followers on both and they continue to grow each day which is always a big plus.

The whole idea of social media is very strategic it turns out. I am continuing to learn about hashtags on instagram. The number of angles you can take to promote a person or product seem endless. I am still looking into hashtags and what type of people post to them and which ones are more popular. The whole idea is to get maximum exposure to the right target market. Utilizing social media to create a silent buzz.

What I lack is the time to dedicate to learning more about social media and how to better use it. I would rather spend the time focusing on perfecting my stitch or striking a new pattern on a piece of cloth. But though the help of friends I continue to learn more and more on the subject.

Meh, all part of the business I guess.

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