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The First Hurdle

(Radio broadcaster voice) Good morning September today is going to be a beautiful day. The sun is shinning and the construction workers are pounding away on the sandstone at 6am. Today is going to be great!

September 1st

(9:00 am) - Launch of website.... CHECK!

(9:02 am) - Waiting to hit a million clicks.

(9:03 am) - Coffee and Breakfast break (nom nom nom)

(9:15 am) - Realizing that people do not just find you spontaneously... SHIT!

OK, so more work needs to be done. I managed to produce a webpage and get it up and running. This was one of my biggest struggles for a very long time. I went back and forth many times on the look of the site, it had to look full but not to full and professional but not stuffy. On top of all that I was very hesitant on when to take it public. I struggled with the question "When is a good time to launch a new site?" Now that the site is finished I can move onto my next big challenge.

Enter the networking stage...

Now let me just explain how bad I am at networking. I am normally a very social guy however, and this is a very large however, I am not good at starting conversation. This is especially true when I am trying to promote or sell a product. Having been both in the retail market, and a regular consumer I know how quickly people turn them selves off when they realize that someone they do not know is trying to pitch them an idea or product. I still do it! I have more patience for it now, but I still turn myself off when listening to a pitch.

So as I move forward my next big project for my business is networking and engaging people to sell them things they do not know they need. The website is up, so the whole process in my mind will be easier. Giving consumers an extra resource to go to will be a big help. Not only will the website help them reach me but also help them understand what it is that I do.

The Game plan.

Day one - Make a list of how to grow network

Day two - Think about that list

Day three - Spa day from all the stress of making a list

Kidding! However lists will be made. Having a game plan and ranking it helps me immensely in getting work done. It is a process that I find works well for me.

Building a calendar of events in town is my first project on the "networking front". Knowing what is going on and attending every possible event in town and promoting myself I feel is my next step. Even just showing up to get my face out and recognizable will help down the road. I plan on focusing on this for the next six months, and building a spreadsheet to track progress. I am really good at building data and research so that should be the fun part.

It should be a rollercoaster of emotions I'm sure. This is certainly out of my comfort zone, but I feel a good trip to indigo's and a couple self-help books will make it just a little bit easier. :)

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