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The Never Ending Struggle

It is usually at the end of every month that I find myself with extra time in my day to think, which is always frustrating for me because I have a very active mind.

For the last year I have been fixated on developing a webpage, I want to promote the work that I do so that I am able to bring in some extra money. 

This week in particular has been quite difficult because I am struggling with the idea of going back to school to help build on what I have already learned, or to go work abroad overseas. Both ideas have their pro's and con's but I am not sure if either are a good option. I am very happy with my apprenticeship, but I feel as though my learning has flatlined and I am not sure how to jumpstart it again. My passion for the work that I do will hit big high's and big low's. I recently started work on a "troubled" project (I botched up a vest many months back) and every time I make headway on it, it seems to bring life back into me. I don't often get to work on my own projects, I juggle two jobs and I try to take in extra work on the side for the moments that I do have spare time. It is always a sore spot for me when I consider my life options. I have a tendency to make snap decisions with out thinking them all the way through.

So far this week I have managed to look into the idea of attending at least four different design schools, working luxury retail in Europe, renting my own studio to work out of, working for other tailors in America and or perhaps becoming a male escort.... Ok the last option not so much, but a person never knows.

I think having a game plan for the upcoming year is going to be my next small project. I have twenty two month left in my apprenticeship and 2016 should be the year that I gear up for the idea of opening my own shop. Up until this point my focus has been on branding and media. The amount of thought a person can put into an idea is shockingly disturbing. I have spent countless hours on logo design, page layouts, branding and media rollout. I try so hard to practice patience, it is very easy for me to dump a project and move on. Fortunately for me there are many different areas and things to think about within the idea of working on my own brand.

I have a couple weeks leading up into the new year, which gives me time to think about how I want to organize my year ahead. It should be interesting... I will have to buy coloured sharpies, and perhaps post-it's of many sizes. :)

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