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For those of you who know and have watched the videos, Calvin Butts Bespoke has expanded into the world of shoes! One of the many expansions planned for the brand this year shoes are the next evolution in being able to dress men from head to toe.

Crafted from premium leathers and made to be worn and walked in, these shoes are the perfect for everyday wear. Built with comfort and style in mind these shoes exemplify the image of a man of style and wealth.

The current collection shows four classic styles in black with the collection expanding into three shades of brown and ox blood red. The overall core collection is called “Iconics” and are the styles every man should have in his wardrobe. For the man looking for a more formal shoe we also have our “Events” collection.

The collection starts out with the classic patent lace up and will evolve into a beautiful slip on with gross grain ribbon and a more fashionable loafer for a shoe that stands out. These are the shoes that your father wore, that your grandfather wore and the shoes that will never go out of style. Fit for every occasion, from weddings and funerals to job interviews and coffees with friends, these shoes are designed to fit into your current lifestyle seamlessly.

Just saying...

- Calvin

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