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Your Summer, live it up!

As we come into spring this season there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of... and that is the infusion of colour coming back into clothing. After living a mellow couple of years in blues, greys, and black's we can expect retailers to give us some variety this season.

The Yellow Rain Coat

This seasons palate is all about the lemon yellows, off whites, blood orange and mint green. The bold statement of yellow softened by the mint greens and more neutral dusty whites.

When it comes to tailoring we see gabardines shine as colours are more saturated and really stands out from the traditional suiting. Men go bold with their suiting in the light powder blues, mint greens and even beautiful white linen suits.

Your clothing is a way to express personality, and now more than ever people are getting out to clubs and restaurants, social gatherings and work events, so why not be seen in something that reflects more of you?

Working from home has allowed your coworkers to see your face but now that mandates are lifting and we see fewer and fewer restrictions going out on the town will be a requirement, so why not give them something to talk about....

Just Saying-

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